Paint Rocks

Want to get involved in the Torah Rocks movement?

Torah Rocks is a grassroots movement created by followers of Yeshua (Jesus) who believe the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is relevant for mankind today. We welcome anyone who shares these beliefs to paint and hide rocks of their own. We pray for the well-being of each person who will find a Torah Rock and we trust that Creator will guide each one to truth if he or she seeks it with their whole heart.

Painting rocks is a wonderful way to embrace creativity and relieve stress. You can feel a sense of purpose knowing that the rocks you paint and hide will invite whoever finds them to pursue Creator and his ways. This is an ideal ministry opportunity for creatives, families, small groups, or anyone who feels led to reach out and share the Torah Rocks message with their community. No worries if you don't consider yourself an artist; no matter what your skill level, you can do this! Check out the tutorials and guidelines below to get started.

If you have decided to start hiding rocks in your community, we would love to hear from you! Contact us to let us know about your outreach efforts.

Torah Rocks Guidelines:

By joining the Torah Rocks movement you agree to the following...

  • Include at minimum, our website ( somewhere on each rock you hide. We usually put this on the back with the hashtag #torahrocks so that people can post a picture of the rock they found on social media. We like to print out this information on computer paper and modge podge it to the rocks. You can access pre-made labels that are ready to print from your computer by clicking here.

    • Hiding rocks in your community may be a great way to find other Truth seekers near you and build a fellowship. If you would like to provide an opportunity for the finder of the rock to connect directly with you add your email address to your rock. We advise everyone to create an email account for the sole purpose of Torah Rocks so that you aren't putting your personal information out into the world. If someone contacts you with a desire to learn more, offer to talk over the phone first and, if you feel led, meet with them in a public place where other people are around and/or bring someone with you.

  • Do not use any vulgarity, nudity, profanity, hateful themes, etc. on your rocks.

  • You can usually hide rocks in places like parks, parking lots or sidewalks of grocery stores, hospitals, schools, etc. Do not hide rocks inside stores or on private property.

  • Torah Rocks is a grassroots effort and will under no circumstances be held liable or responsible for any claims damages, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities whatsoever resulting or arising directly or indirectly from any use of the #torahrocks hashtag, use of the Torah Rocks name, or use or inability to use the instructions information and material on our website or any website linked on it.

Supply List

You can get these supplies anywhere, but we have linked a few products to Amazon below. We usually buy supplies at a craft store and use coupons that cut the cost in half.

Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration:

  • How to paint a rock:

    1. Make sure your rocks are clean and free of dirt

    2. Put a base coat or two of paint down and let it dry

    3. Use paint pens or paint brushes to create a design on the rock

    4. Paint or write "" on the back. Or to ensure readability apply one of our labels with mod podge: first apply mod podge to the back of the label, stick it on the back of the rock, then apply a coat of sealer/mod podge over the label and the entire back of the rock.

    5. Next, apply the sealer/mod podge to the front of the rock.

    6. Let your rocks dry for a few days before hiding them.

  • Make sure you always paint and seal your rocks in a well ventilated area. If you are using spray sealant it is best to do it outside.

  • You can paint pictures, words, phrases, Bible verses, etc. The themes don't have to be strictly Biblical, although we encourage you to include at least one Biblical reference somewhere on each rock. For example, the main image could be a painting of a girl in a field with the reference "Ecclesiastes 3:1" somewhere on the rock.

  • If you aren't a particularly good artist, there are lots of ways you can get creative: print images from your computer and use the mod podge to apply them to your rocks, add glitter, glue buttons, or even attempt an abstract painting! You never know what will catch somebody's eye. Even when a rock doesn't come out as planned we can be assured it will appeal to someone. It may get passed by multiple people because it was meant for the one person who found it beautiful or interesting.

  • We like to be strategic about when and where we hide our rocks: In winter time we are more inclined to paint winter themed rocks. If we plan to hide rocks at a park or outside of a school, we might choose a theme that is more appealing to children. Hiding rocks outside of a hospital we would choose themes of hope.

  • Keep in mind your climate. You may want to test your rocks out before hiding them to see how they hold out in the weather. Place one in your yard for a couple days to see how it does. I once used regular markers on a rock sealed it and left it outside. The markers faded away!

  • Don't make the rocks too hard to find. The longer they are out in the elements, the more your artwork will wear off.

  • Host a rock painting party with your family, friends, fellowship, etc. Bring your painted rocks to your fellowship and ask people to take a few and hide them. You will cover different areas of town that way and enjoy making it a community effort.

  • Pray for the people who will find your rocks while you're painting them or before you hide them.

  • Need some inspiration? Check out our Torah Rocks board on Pinterest by clicking here.

Tutorial Videos:

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