Why Not Seventh Day Adventism?

Gary's Story

I was born into the Seventh-day Adventist church.  I attended 4 years at one of their high school academies, and 2 years of their union colleges.  I studied the Bible my whole life and had no problems keeping the Sabbath as the 10 Commandments require, as well as the health laws for clean foods of Lev. 11.  While in school and on my own I became convinced of the necessity of keeping GOD’s Holy Days.  I had become disillusioned with the pagan holidays most of the world is keeping.  Rather than just stop celebrating altogether, I began by looking more closely to Jesus Christ and HIS example of how to live.  I saw right away that HE kept all of GOD’s Holy Days and the weekly Sabbath. In fact HE called Himself, The Lord of the Sabbath. 

When I approached pastors and elders in the Seventh-day Adventist church and asked about the feast days, they all claimed that those feast days had been fulfilled by Jesus Christ.  However, when I asked about how the Day of Trumpets was fulfilled, all I got were blank stares back at me.  

Thus began my own research and study of the Bible to find out more about these Holy Days.  I quickly learned that GOD’s real name is YEHOVAH and Jesus’ name is Yeshua, meaning Yehovah’s Savior.  I’ve learned that the Feast Days are a shadow of good things to come for HIS people.  Some of the Feast Days have been fulfilled, but many have not yet been fulfilled.

As I studied more carefully, I began looking for how to determine when the year began and thus, how to count to find out the months and days of YEHOVAH’s way of reckoning the times of the months and times of The Feast Days.  I did this, not because keeping those days will save me, but because I love Yeshua and wanted to know more about HIM.  What you really love, you can’t get enough of; and keeping the Feast Days shows your willingness to obey GOD.  A good place to start your investigating all these things is on Youtube.  Look for the teaching series, “The Creator’s Calendar” by Michael Rood

I came to meet the group who started Torah Rocks while in California for the Feast of Tabernacles.  I met a young couple who were there celebrating the same Feast.  We quickly discovered we lived in the same city in Arizona, and soon after, I began to attend their fellowship.  If you are local, I would like to fellowship with you too, if you’re interested. If you aren't local, you may want to check out the fellowship finder on this website in order to find other people who are also seeking truth. 

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What's Next?

If anything here has sparked a hunger in your heart for more, we have an invitation for you! Read the first five books of the bible (the torah) and take note of commandments that would effect how you live, especially the holy days that God gave his people. Often there is much more clarity in the words themselves than what others teach about them.

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We are a group of people who are seeking to fulfill the two greatest commandments: Love God and love others. We'd love to connect with you.