You Worldview Might be More Racist Than You Think

You might be surprised if I told you that you probably subscribe to a racist worldview. I too, at one point, held this worldview and never realized it's toxicity until after I gave it up.

If you want to do your part to fight racist culture, the first thing you can do is stop believing in inherently racist worldviews. This starts by first evaluating what beliefs and values you hold to, even those that you have been taught not to question.

So let's read what one of the founding fathers of our present day paradigm said about some races being better than others:

"I could show fight on natural selection having done and doing more for the progress of civilization than you seem inclined to admit.... The more civilized so-called Caucasian races have beaten the Turkish hollow in the struggle for existence. Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races throughout the world."

-Charles Darwin (source text)

Although Darwin was strongly opposed to slavery on moral grounds, he was clearly convinced of white racial superiority.

Here is a truly appalling article:

Sadly it is not satire yet nonetheless it is backed by evolutionary principles. In fact all of these racist ideas are implied by the theory of evolution, this writer simply connects the dots.

Evolution (the origin of life theory, not the theory of adaptation) will always contribute to blatantly racist views such as the ones expressed in the article above. From its origins it has contributed to and under-girded similar ideas. This truth may create cognitive dissonance for you, but it is important to allow it to move you to take action so that you don't ignore the elephant in the room.

You might gravitate towards thinking this is simply misapplication or an exception, but let's consider an example of how even modern evolutionary theory carries inherent racist undertones: under evolutionary theory birds with slightly bigger beaks, dogs with different body structure, and butterflies with slightly different coloring end up categorized as different species than other animals of their same kind. What does that say about different colored people?

On that same line of thought scientists have the goal of preserving certain species of animals or at times removing certain invasive species of plants. This shows a willingness by scientists to use the theory of evolution to treat species differently depending on their own ideas of preservation. What does that mean for supposed different species of humans?

The theory claims that we are always in a progression of ever-increasing complexity and adaptability. The superior version surpassing the former, eventually making it obsolete. There are many evolutionary scientists that will refer to early Homo sapiens as "another species in Africa closely related to us". What does referring to our ancestors as another species lead us to believe about them?

When we talk about apes we recognize they are inferior to us in their ability to think, communicate, create, etc- for instance scientists do scientific testing on apes because they are clearly a different kind of animal, and yet it is very common for modern evolutionists to not only refer to our ancient ancestors as apes but depict them with facial features common to black people. It is this kind of subtle speech and action that is creating and perpetuating the view that black people are a more primitive form of humans.

We can't take these kinds of statements, ideas, or theories lightly. They essentially laid the foundation for the atmosphere of racism that we see in our present day. (

It is commonly pointed out that proponents of slavery used the Bible to justify slavery. That may be so, however the communist manifesto has been used to justify mass murder, the Koran has been used to justify the Arab conquest, genetic theory has been used to justify eugenics... On and on it goes where generally neutral or even good ideas were used to justify heinous actions. The Hebrew scriptures (Bible) has been misused to justify racism and slavery when in fact it never divides humans based on race and definitely never allows for oppression of any group (it's a worthwhile discussion for another time). However, the theory of evolution has major problems: it inherently dehumanizes differences by calling them speciation, it has the inescapable problem of viewing our ancestors as a less evolved ape (which actually has the potential to dehumanize anyone), and it directly created the idea that black people are more ape-like and a less-evolved human species. The only worldview that I know of that promotes the concept that other kinds of humans are different species is the theory of evolution. (Read more about where the idea of "race" comes from)

Thankfully the origin theory of evolution is not an accurate scientific theory (read more about the scientific method). We are unable to actually test it since it supposedly takes millions of years to happen- this means it can’t be proven to be true using the scientific method. Proponents claim that any anomalies or contradictions to the theory are simply not understood yet or they give a nice little science fiction story with no basis in verifiable science. Anyone can make up a story based on a few artifacts and their imagination. Evolutionary papers and theories, such as this, do not allow for proper scientific testing since there is nothing to test- these are made up stories about what may have happened supposedly millions of years ago. The scientists that promote the theory of evolution do not allow for evidence against the theory and when evidence is presented then it is frequently rejected and ridiculed because questions are not allowed- like in a staunch controlling religious cult.

Not only do they refuse to account for new information they also fail to provide sufficient explanations for very basic requirements of the evolutionary paradigm. For example, they can't demonstrate how new code is added to all the degenerating genetic systems. Even the simplest life forms are immensely more complex than a wristwatch similarly if you started tinkering with the pieces inside you would be more likely to ruin it than add features- the whims of chance are far less likely to create something new or useful. Additionally the theory of evolution fails to show or explain how life arises from non-living things, no one has ever observed life arise from organic material. There is no need to argue for the idea that we arise from nothing by chance, there is more evidence that we have a creator just as computers have a human creator.

An evolutionary worldview has deeply weakened our ability to stand against racism and has prevented us from moving forward- it is time to reconsider these core beliefs. Not everything that we are told is true holds up to the most basic test of the scientific method. Please don't believe in a systemically racist worldview simply because you are told it is science. Scientific claims must be tested... and then tested repeatedly in the most rigorous attempt to prove them wrong rather than prove them right, and the key is to not let our cognitive distortions influence our interpretation of our observations. Worldviews must be held up to even greater scrutiny because they determine how we think about and interact with our world and the people around us every day.

Explore the Bible for a truly authentic and clear worldview. Don't let what people teach about it or justify with it deter you from studying it. My journey of seeking my Creator inadvertently led me out of this false worldview. Our Creator is using the Bible to call each of us out of toxic cultures and worldviews. It is only when we embrace His design for humanity that we can shake off the racist systems.

Written by: Brett WilliamsEdited by: Kerri Williams6/7/2020